My name’s Luke Vitali and I have been a professional photographer since 2011. My photos can be seen on many websites/brochures for local resorts, tourist attractions, restaurants, construction companies, property agents and more.  I have had my photos printed in national magazines and on many billboards on the Bruce Highway from Cairns to Airlie Beach.

I offer PRIVATE photography workshops for beginners to get an understanding of photography.

These workshop sessions are suited to someone with a DSLR or MIRRORLESS camera  (a camera that can change different lenses).

Being a private workshop, you are free to ask all the questions you like, and we can focus on the type of photos you want to take!!!



Photography Basics:

-Exposure  -Aperture  -Shutter Speed  -ISO  -Depth of Field  -RAW vs Jpeg   -Colour Balance  -Focusing  -Focal Length   -Shooting Manual   …and more!

Tips & Tricks:

[we can focus on the type of photos you like  to take]

-Landscapes  (including what lenses to use, how to get the right focus throughout, colour balance/lighting, panorama cheat sheet and more)

-Portraits (including the right lens to use for people, kids/babies, how to blur the background correctly, lighting)

-Animals (general tips and tricks)

You will receive a folder with detailed documents to take home.



-Workshops can be held at a number of any outdoor locations that provide shelter and subject matter to photograph.  The workshop location can be a convenient location close to you, examples include a local waterfall or creek or beach or gardens.


TIME DURATION:  Four (4) hours – any time during 10am and 4pm, Mon-Sun. (Subject to availability)

Please contact for a workshop that ends at dusk for night photos.



$375 total for Private 1 on 1 Workshop.

BRING A FRIEND for a 2 person max. workshop and pay $275 each.

Additional for private workshop that ends at night (8pm latest), please contact.


For Bookings CONTACT ME

 Call 0467 228 014