Debutante Ball ~ 2019

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Congrats to all of the Debutantes + Partners ‘n Parents – and to ALL involved who made it such a great night!!!


Below is a photo gallery of the Studio Portrait shots and the 3 Group Photos.

–NOTE– Presentation photos and shots taken during the event will be shared on social media soon!


Please note the number of the image, on the bottom of the photo’s frame!

…and email me with your name and the number of your chosen photo/s.


Cost for Prints:  8×12 inches in size

STUDIO PHOTO  $25.00 per print 

GROUP PHOTO   $20.00 per print 

(There are 3 different Group Photos! 1-Debutantes Only;   2-Debutantes + Tiny Tots;   3-Tiny Tots Only)

DELIVERY in Innisfail township – $5.00

Alternatively, Prints can be posted to your address, please call me to make an arrangement on 0467 228 014.

PAYMENT can be made by direct deposit or by credit card over the phone.


Click on any photo to open the gallery… NB: You can “STOP SLIDESHOW” by

clicking on the tab on the bottom, left of the photo’s frame.