Radiant Life College ~ 2017 Graduation

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Hi Everyone – thanks for such a great night, and CONGRATS to the graduating class of 2017!!!!!

Please read this information first and then check out the Gallery below.



LARGE Prints [8x12inch] are $18.00 each  (plus Postage or Delivery).



$12.00 for Postage (Registered post, sent in a cardboard folder, inside a bubble-padded envelope).

Up to 6 prints can be sent in one parcel.

Delivery is $5 to meet in town to collect your prints. A suitable time will be arranged once payment is received.



Check out the gallery below and record the NUMBER of the photo you would like. The number is found on the bottom, left corner of the photo’s frame.

Payment can be made by either Bank Deposit or by Credit card over the phone.  Contact Me to place an order.


Note: ………- To STOP SLIDESHOW, click on the bottom, left corner of the photo’s frame!