Luke Vitali (Professional Photographer) in conjunction with Peter Dameon (Photoshop Expert) are offering a beginner’s workshop to help you get your fancy camera out of auto mode!!!

If you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera (a camera that can swap lenses) and want to learn the

basics of photography and Photoshop, then this is the workshop for you!


The workshop will run over two Sundays – 5 hours each day.. which gives you a week to practice in between!


WHERE: a stunning private property with a permanent creek – so we can practice those moving water shots!  (Address provided when booking)

TIMES: From 12 Midday – 5pm

NEXT DATES: Sun 24th July  +  Sun 31st July 2016

TOPICS COVERED include: Exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture & F-stop, focusing, manual mode, Photoshop toolbar and much more… You will easily understand these things by the end.

WHAT YOU NEED: a Camera and all your Lenses – Your Camera Manual – Full Batteries – Blank Memory Cards…  a tripod and laptop is recommended if you have one.


COST: $250.00 (single payment made before the 1st workshop date).

Please contact Peter on 40653366 to make a booking, or myself here.


Note:  A short 15 min break will be held each afternoon. Afternoon Tea & Coffee provided.



- The first Sunday is more geared towards photography, the second Sunday is more geared towards Photoshop.

- A folder is provided filled with pages of easy to understand information and example images, explaining the subjects/topics covered.  The folder is yours to keep for future reference.

- The workshop mixes theory with practical. We will discuss the subject/topic and then practice on our camera.

- All Topics covered include: Exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture/F-stop, focal length, depth-of-field, focusing, aperture priority/shutter priority/program, exposure value compensation, manual shooting, white balance, landscapes + portraits, Jpeg, and Photoshop toolbar explained

- A practice assignment is provided for the week in between the two Sundays.